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Internship Global is a missions immersion program designed to help those with a strong desire to minister in another nation, discover God’s specific ministry assignment for their life, or to pursue international missions long-term.

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An Internship Global missionary spends about a year living in another country and culture while serving in an Every Nation church. Your primary job is to serve the needs of your receiving church/ministry and to stay well-connected with your sending church. While you’re there you will have a pre-established ministry outreach focus, yet, it is likely you will also have opportunities to serve in many capacities and areas of ministry. The goal is to help you discover and develop God’s calling for your life while supporting the growth and development of the church in your assigned country.


  • An active member in good standing of a local EN church or ENC chapter

  • Current church or campus intern looking to serve overseas

  • Recommendation from local EN sending pastor

  • Short term missions experience with team leader recommendation

  • Small group leader recommendation

  • Willingness to raise full financial partnership team before leaving for overseas assignment.

  • At least 18 years of age with a high school diploma, 1 year of college recommended

  • Passion for missions but unsure of long term call

  • Completed an Experiencing Spiritual Freedom or Victory Weekend in the past year

*The enrollment date deadlines are October 15th for the January MPD training, and March 15th for the June MPD training.

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